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PNPA Entrance Exam Reviewer 2018 | Tips and Guide

Just like enrolling in any school, anyone who wants to undergo the PNPA cadetship program must take and pass the PNPA Cadet Admission Test or the PNPACAT. It is a pre-qualifying exam given to those aspiring to be part of the Philippine National Police Academy.

If you want to qualify and pass the PNPACAT, the first thing to do is to know the qualifications, initial requirements and guidelines in taking the admission exam.


About Philippine National Police Academy

The Philippine National Police Academy or PNPA is a premier public safety school that molds future members of the PNP, BFP, and BJMP. It was established pursuant to Presidential Decree 1184 Section 19.

Once an applicant qualifies, he or she will go through the PNPA Cadetship Program. It is a bachelor’s degree sponsored by the government. Upon entry to the PNPA, the cadet will receive allowances and monthly pay for the education and training expenses.

After completing the program, the graduates will be granted a degree in Bachelor of Science in Public Safety. Graduates will be appointed as Jail, Police, or Fire Inspector with the equivalent rank of 1st Lieutenant.

Schedule of Philippine National Police Academy CAT for 2018

The PNPACAT is given every year, either first week of November or last Sunday of October. On October 28, 2018, the Philippine National Police Academy will conduct a nationwide admission exam in about 28 examination centers.

Interested applicants may start to file their application forms and the deadline of submission is on September 28, 2018. In third week of December successful examinees will be published.

Philippine National Police Academy Basic requirements

An aspiring cadet of the PNPA must qualify with the criteria before he or she is allowed to take the admission test. Know first the qualifying requirements before submitting the application to avoid wasting your time.

  • Must be a natural-born Filipino citizen
  • Must be 18 years of age and below 22 years old on or before May 1, 2019.
  • Single
  • At least Senior High School completer upon admission
  • Stands 5’4” for male and 5’2” for female
  • Weight must be corresponding to the height, age, and gender of the applicant (using the BMI)
  • Mentally and physically fit for the rigorous training
  • Must not have been convicted for any administrative, civil, or criminal records
  • Must not have been discharged from any government or private employment or position
  • Not have been a former cadet of the PNPA and other service academies

Factors for disqualification in Philippine National Police Academy

The screening of entrants to the PNPA is very strict. Failure to meet any one of the initial requirements you would not be allowed to take the PNPA admission test. Other medical and dental issues listed below are grounds for disqualification:

  • Overweight and under height
  • Visual problems (near-sighted/far-sighted, color blindness, using corrective eyeglasses or lens)
  • Physical deformities or birth defects ( extra or missing toes/fingers, bow leggedness)
  • Hearing problems
  • Hemorrhoids, chronic sinusitis, hernia, bleeding tendencies, extensive skin problems, varicose
  • Hypertension, history of heart disease, active PTB, asthma, liver and kidney diseases, epileptic seizure disorders, communicable diseases, and major operations
  • Full dentures, cleft palate and lip, face deformities, malocclusion, missing of 4 front teeth or missing of 6 molar teeth, and tongue-tied
  • Tattoos or any brotherhood marks
  • Multiple ear piercing for female and ear piercing for male
  • History of pregnancy, painful menstruation, breast mass, and goiter (for feamale)
  • Other similar conditions that may affect the performance

PNPA Coverage of Exam

The PNPA Admission Test is composed of 5 subject areas and 200 items. The subject areas include the following:

  • Logical and Reasoning ability
  • Communication skills
  • Science and math
  • Current events
  • General information

To pass the PNPA admission test, the applicant should obtain at least 50% of all the subjects covered. However, if the applicant obtained the passing score based on the overall computation, but fall short in one subject, he or she won’t be allowed to proceed to the next stage of screening.

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To ace the PNPA admission test, it is essential to study and review in all the subject areas. The good thing is that there are reviewers available that can help and guide you to familiarize all the possible questions that may appear on the actual examination.

How to Apply in Philippine National Police Academy?

Considering all the criteria or initial requirements and qualifications listed above, if you think you’re qualified, you must prepare and submit your application.

Here’s how:

  1. Visit the official website of the PNPA and download the application form. Applicant can either submit the application by mail or by uploading the duly accomplished application form at .
  2. Fill out and provide all the required details. Write legibly, carefully and no erasures. See to it that all entries are filled out.
  3. If sending through mail, you can send it to this address:

The Director (Attn: Registrar)

Philippine National Police Academy

Camp General Mariano N. Castaneda

Silang, Cavite 4118

  1. Submit other requirements along with the application form including:
  • Photocopy of birth certificate issued by the PSA
  • BMI measurement (certified by a government physician)
  • Postal stamp
  • Window envelope
  • Passport-sized photo with name tag and white background
  1. Notice or permit will be sent to qualified applicants within September to October 2018. In case you don’t receive the permit, check from the FB page or official website of the PNPA.
  2. Bring two 2×2 photo with name tag and white background, pencils (number 2), rubber erasers, and two valid IDs.
  3. During the examination day, the examinees should wear the prescribed attire. For male, shirts with collar, slacks or maong pants. For female, dress and skirts are allowed.

Once the examinee passed the PNPA admission test, the next stage of the screening would be the following:

  1. Physical agility test
  • Pull-ups 3 (male)               N/A (female)
  • Full arms hanging N/A                        45 seconds
  • 2-minute sit-ups 40                           40
  • 2-minute push-ups 25                           25
  • 3-km run 24 min                   27 min
  • 100-m dash 18 seconds          20 seconds
  1. Psychological and psychiatric exam
  2. Physical, dental and medical exam
  3. Panel interview

The process of screening is sequential that’s why the applicant should ensure passing the early stages. Otherwise, failure to pass the first stage of the screening will be a ground for disqualification. Passing all the stages of the screening, the successful applicant will be appointed as PNPA cadet and become member of Batch 2023.

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