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Pokwang’s Secret Revealed! This is why Baby Malia Eats Well

As everyone knows, comedienne Pokwang has a new baby girl with her partner Lee O’Brian. She gave birth to Baby Malia on January 18, 2018, her first baby with O’Brian. Pokwang has another daughter, Rie Mae Subong, with her former partner. She has a son who had died while she was working abroad because of an illness. She recently shared on her Instagram account about her unique parenting skills. She also revealed the secret behind Baby Malia’s good appetite.


Pokwang revealed that the secret behind it is humility; in the sense that she allows her Baby Malia to eat together with the household helpers. She believes that by doing this, it will encourage her daughter to eat well and it also gives health benefits for the little girl. Her daughter will also learn the value of humility while dining with their household helpers. The toddler loves tends to eat more when she is around people. Pokwang also said that Malia will learn about proper table manners as she grows up but dealing with other people especially those in a lower status must be taught at an early age.


This may be a simple secret but the value that it will teach the very young mind of Malia is great. It will teach her to be humble and not consider herself way above ordinary people especially household helpers. This is a good example to the kid because she will grow up knowing that those who are well-off in life can mingle with the less fortunate and there’s nothing wrong with it.


Pokwang may be known for her comic ways but the way she’s bringing up her kid is something else. She sure knows how to teach her children the proper values which they will bring with them as they grow older and wherever life takes them.


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