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Polite Cat Humbly Asks for Food from Diner Goes Viral

Stray cats are common in many parts of Asia because the locals are drawn to owning purebred cats. Cats also multiply in huge numbers in these parts of the world because they’re left alone in the streets with no animal assistance containing them that’s why many of these cats become hostile due to their experiences with their fellow cats and cruel humans. These stray cats go hungry most of their lives and just waiting to be given scraps of food that’s why they become aggressive.

The cat on the video is different from other cats because this cat is polite. Instead of attacking the diner to give it food, the cat chose to gently tap the leg of the diner. The diner was seen smiling for the cat’s gesture. When at first the diner didn’t give the cat food, the cat just stayed there standing and waiting but it didn’t force the diner to give food. The cat patiently waited then the diner must have found the cute gesture of the cat, gave in and put a small amount of food for the cat to eat.

The cat must have been really hungry because after it finished the food, the cat once again asked for more. The diner just laughed at the cute cat so he gave the cat food again. This happened several times and viewers saw that the cat is very gentle. This video shows that not all stray cat is a cause for terror and although many cats bite which results to humans getting anti-tetanus shots, some cats are still friendly and they’re also very cute.

If only local government for the countries where so many stray cats can be found have programs to keep these cats in shelter and have them adopted, maybe they won’t multiply so much and they have the chance to be owned by someone who can take care of them.


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