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Popular Celebrity Anonymously Gave Php50K Assistance to the Balloon Vendor

The story of a poor man who got burned when a group of minors burned his balloons. Oliver Rosales received help from Raffy Tulfo and another celebrity who wanted his name to be a secret. The father of the victim, named Nicolas Rosales attended the show on behalf of his son who was confined in the hospital. Raffy is aware that the celebrity doesn’t want his name to be announced in the public. Raffy only wanted to let the family of the victim know, so they can thank the person. It is nice to give thanks for someone who helped you.

photo via raffy tulfo in action | youtube

Raffy made Oliver and his father take a wild guess on who is the celebrity that helped them. The viewers thought that the clues match with actor Luis Manzano. Raffy and the anonymous celebrity will both give Php50,000 to Oliver. The parents of the culprits also gave Php17,500 so that Oliver will not file case against them. Oliver is planning to give this money back.

photo via raffy tulfo in action | youtube

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso was able to present the five minors to the media. Netizens were furious to see all their heads covered because they are ashamed. The parents of the culprits also hid their faces.

photo via raffy tulfo in action | youtube

Netizens said that the culprits should also be brave and show their faces. They were very brave the moment they burned Oliver’s balloons that severely injured him. Oliver is confined and doesn’t know when he will be discharged.

The group didn’t thought of the outcome of their actions. They did it for fun and to watch someone suffer. Now the victim’s arms and legs are in pain. If it weren’t for the CCTV, the culprits will not be caught. Do not lose hope. There are still good Samaritans that will help you when you need help.


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