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Proud Parents Aga and Charlene Mulach are Very Happy to Their Twins for Graduated in High School.

Former matinee idol and Miss Universe Philippines, Aga Mulach and Charlene Gonzales shared online how proud they are of their twins. Just recently Andres and Atasha finished their high school.

The twin’s achievement made their parents very proud. Charlene posted on her Instagram account:

“We are extremely proud of you!! All the years of hardwork has paid off. Congratulations on your high school graduation.”

Because of the enhanced community quarantine, many schools not just in Manila didn’t have a graduation ceremony. But both parents are very proud and Charlene also added:

“Although, you may have not physically walked across the stage for the graduation ceremony due to the global pandemic, it does not take away the many years of sacrifice, perseverance, defeats, victories and life lessons you’ve learned and continue to learn during your school life and life in general.”

The 18-year-old twins appeared in some TV shows and also did a commercial with their parents. The 50-year-old actor and the 46-year-old beauty queen are undoubtedly doing an excellent job in raising their kids to be good teenagers. Due to covid19, Brent International School was not able to continue with their graduation rites.

“We celebrate you and Atasha everyday & your dad & I are extremely excited for what life has in store for the both of you. Continue dreaming & reaching for your dreams & putting God first in all your plans and he will lead your path,” Charlene added on her Instagram account.

The former Bb. Pilipinas also posted a message on her Instagram, a message to all the graduates:

“To all the 2020 graduates… You belong to a special graduation batch that will be forever remembered for their courage, resilience and strength. Congratulations to you all and continue to inspire and be inspired. We salute you all.”

Many graduating students were saddened because they won’t have graduation rites due to the pandemic.  But looking on the bright side, you guys made it! You graduate and that’s something we should celebrate.

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