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Tips in Taking the PUP Entrance Exam Reviewer

The free college education for state universities and colleges is a big help for students and their parents as well. And we all know PUP is one of the college university in the Philippines with good background when in comes to teaching. To be able to study in PUP you must pass the PUP Entrance Exam for you to do that read the complete details below.

PUP or the Philippine University of the Philippines is one of the government-funded schools. That’s why enrollees in the said school will enjoy the free tuition fee college education. Anyone who is interested to enroll in PUP should take and pass the college entrance test or the PUPCET.


Just like any other entrance exams, not all examinees are able to pass it that’s why thorough preparation is needed. As much as possible, you should look for PUPCET reviewer so that you can study the possible questions that may appear during the entrance exam.

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How to pass the PUPCET or PUP Entrance Exam 

Thousands of aspiring students draw to PUP to take the college entrance test given every year. However, the school admits small percentage of examinees. This means that the screening to be a “Iskolar ng Bayan” is very tough.

Here are some tips that can help you nail the PUPCET:

  • Prepare and review

Thorough preparation can help you pass the entrance test. Most likely the coverage of the exam is the lessons during high school. This makes sense reviewing your old high school notes particularly in English, Science and Mathematics.

  • Arrive early

To help you relax before taking the exam, you should be on the testing center at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. If your living a distance from the testing center, leave your home earlier to avoid delays of travel.

  • Bring the test permit

Aside from the pencil, eraser and your ID, you should not forget your test permit. A night before the exam, arrange all the important things that you need to bring for the exam. You won’t be allowed to take the test without the test permit.

  • Budget your time

The PUPCET is composed of 150 to 200 questions that should be completed within 2 hours. Proper time management is essential so that you can answer all the items. Avoid spending most of your time on difficult questions. Answer first the easy ones and get back to the difficult items later on.

  • Answer neatly

In shading the answer sheet avoid erasures. Keep in mind that it will be checked by a machine and unnecessary marks will make your answer void.

Coverage of PUPCET PUP Entrance Exam 

As you prepare for the entrance exam, you should know first the subject areas that comprise the examination. Focusing on these subjects increases the chances of passing the test. The 2018 PUPCET includes the following:

  • English – Verbal reasoning, spelling, grammar, and reading comprehension
  • Mathematics – Basic mathematics, algebra, and quantitative reasoning
  • Science – Chemistry, Biology, and Physics
  • General Information
  • Abstract Reasoning

Using reviewer increases the edge of passing the PUPCET. There are reviewers that you can find online. It can help you to practice answering questions. But, make sure to find updated and reliable online reviewer.

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