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Rare Black Apple Sold For $20 Per Piece, Would You Dare Eat It?

This rare black apple is sold for $20 per piece.

Have you heard of a black apple? It may sound odd but it does exist. We typically see and eat those red and green apples, which are very common. But would you dare to eat this black apple?

This peculiar variety of apple is planted in the highlands with an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level, which makes the fruit stand out from the rest.

The “scorpion fruit” or black apple is really different from other varieties of apple because it does not need fertilization and has natural defense from a swarm of flying insects and parasites. But like any other apple, it is also sweet and nutritious.

An orchard of this fruit is found in the mountains of Tibet Nyingch and was introduced by New Zealand to China. Many adore this fruit because of its friable texture and sweet taste.

It takes 2-3 years for an ordinary apple to fully mature, with the longest period of 5 years and it takes 8 years or more for a black apple to fully mature after planting.

Just like mangoes, the black apple contains a high amount of glucose, making them very popular when they were first introduced. It is very difficult for this fruit to fully flourish in low temperature.

Not all harvest can reach the market. Only 30% of the product can be exported due to the strict standard of color compliance. Not all can afford the expensive price of this fruit. Farmers opted to plant other fruits because they find it so difficult to sell the product in the market.

As a result of limited production, black apples are made into exclusive gift boxes by Chinese manufacturers and sold to high-end markets to make it more salable, they infuse it with black Tibetan color culture to achieve that dark and shiny black color. If you want to make a purchase, you need to make a reservation and order it in advance.

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