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Reason of Vice Ganda on Why He Don’t Allow His Friends to Lend Money from Him

It is a blessing to have a rich and kind friend. You would think that it’s easy to borrow from them when you need to. But what if that friend doesn’t believe in lending money?

Vice Ganda is already 44 years old. He is from humble roots. The comedian has gone a long way from performing in comedy bars.

photo via vice ganda | ig

Many people say that he is a master at his craft. We agree because this performer can do an impromptu hilarious comedy line without looking at the idiot board. He is what we can call genuine jokester. And it may be because of his experience in performing in comedy bars.

photo via vice ganda | ig

He is also blessed and has a lot of friends from all walks of life. Some of his closest friends are Anne Curtis, Coco Martin, Billy Crawford, and even socialites like Georgina Wilson, Belle Daza, and Solenn Heussaf.

Despite his popularity, the people close to him can say that he is still the same Vice Ganda with a kind heart.

photo via vice ganda | ig

Yet, there are only one rule Vice Ganda stands by to maintain his friendships. Vice Ganda doesn’t lend money to his friends anymore. But why?

Vice Ganda gets candid by saying it broke many of his friendships. Of course, Vice Ganda will ask his friend or family when they can pay him back. Especially before when he wasn’t famous yet. It’s safe to say that some of those who borrowed money from him never returned what they borrowed. So, this put a rift between them and Vice.

photo via vice ganda | ig

Any hard-working person wants to put their money to good use. If you’re in his place, you’d want to save up too, right? Now that Vice is super rich, he just wants his money to be intact.

But he still helps out his family and friends. He just doesn’t want to call it lending money. Instead, he wants to help them in any way he can without expecting them to return the money. He gives them when they need financial assistance.

He just wants to know if they’re using it for the right reasons.

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