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Reason why Dimples Romana’s Husband recently Hospitalized

Kadenang Ginto star Dimples Romana shared on her Instagram account that her husband Boyet Ahmee went under the knife because of his snoring. She shared the photo of her husband lying in bed and said that before going to work; she has to fulfill her duties as a wife first. She was going to meet her husband’s surgeon to ask how the operation went. Dimples was also thankful to the doctors and staff of the Medical City. The actress may be playing the role of a heartless step-daughter in the Kapamilya TV series but in real life, she has a soft heart; a loving wife and mother. The actress shared the details of the operation through a Pilipino Star Ngayon article.

Boyet Ahmee has severe sleep apnea. He snores while sleeping and it seemed like his breathing stops whenever the snoring gets heavy. She reminded everyone that snoring shouldn’t be taken for granted because it might mean something serious. The heart gets strained when a person snores heavily. Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder. The breathing stops and starts repeatedly. According to medical studies, one of the symptoms of the disorder is loud snoring but not everyone who has sleep apnea snores so it’s better to check the symptoms.

Dimples said that she doesn’t want that when she’s out of the house at night for work, she won’t be able to wake up her husband when he starts snoring loudly. She believes that prevention is always better than cure so they decided to have it checked. Dimples happily shared on her Instagram account that her husband’s operation was successful.

The actress’ followers sent their get well wishes to her husband. In any given health condition, it’s always better to have it treated before the condition gets worse and untreatable.

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