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Reconciled, Real Reason Why Heart Evangelista and Father Rey Ongpauco Aren’t Talking for the Longest Time

There’s no perfect family. This is a sad reality each of us should accept. No matter how we try to be good with everyone, misunderstanding and offense are just inevitable. On the brighter side, these kinds of issues strengthen the foundation of every home, as well as the relationship between family members. As time heals, reconciliation takes place as love wins, the one that binds the family.

Recently, we celebrated Father’s day, a special day where we give thanks and recognition to the sacrifices of every patriarch. One way of expressing our gratitude, we post pictures of our father and caption it with our sweet messages on social media. On these messages, we reminisce about the sacrifices and hard work of our beloved fathers, how they father us throughout the years.

For the online influencer and actress Heart Evangelista, this day was the happiest moment for her. For years, she and her father Rey Ongpauco haven’t been talking. And thankfully, they reconciled and celebrated this special day together.

Their story was featured in an online advertisement of a famous cola brand to celebrate Father’s Day. They shared that they haven’t been talking with each other for almost three years. In this advertisement, Mr. Ongpauco also shared the reason why he wasn’t present on her Heart’s wedding with her husband, the former senator, and now the governor of Sorsogon, Chiz Escudero.

“Ang pinag-aawayan namin, ‘yung boyfirend lagi eh. Noong una ayaw ko, hindi tuloy ako napunta sa kasal niya,” Rey Ongpauco said.

This makes the wedding the couple controversial in 2015. According to the Heart, they already received a blessing from them. However, her parents don’t want her to be away from them and just stay. She also admitted that it breaks her heart and felt like she lost her family.

“Noong nag-away kami, I really felt a void in my life,” the actress said.

“It was so hard for me because having a solid family really mattered to me so when I lost my family, I was lost as a person,” she added.

Her father also admitted that because of his age, he became sentimental and looking for affection.

“Pag matanda na kami, may pagka-sentimiyento kami. Naghahanap kami sa inyo, mga pagmamahal n’yo,” he said.

Heart expressed her happiness and gratitude that they are now reconciled.

“We just started out like before, parang I was a little girl again, we just get each other so much now. It’s really important that you spend time with your family, create lots and lots of memories kasi I guess we’re all just passing through this world.”

In the end, family will always be a family. No matter what storms or chaos may come, we still reconcile and fixed. Love will always thaw frozen hearts and heal those who are broken.

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