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Recruitment Process on How to Become a Member of Bureau of Fire Protection

The Bureau of Fire Protection is greatly in need of firefighters to meet the required ratio of fireman-to-population. With this, the Bureau will be conducting recruitment to interested and qualified applicants.

Bureau of Fire Protections Qualifications

Anyone who is interested to become a member of the BFP must meet the minimum qualifications for Fire Officer 1 as follows:

  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Must be 21 to 30 years old
  • Male applicants must be 5’4” in height and female should be 5’2”
  • Must meet the standard weight that corresponds to the age, gender, and height of the applicant
  • Must be a college graduate
  • Must be a CSC 2nd level eligible
  • Of good moral character, must not have been dismissed from employment, or convicted of any crime

For those applicants who are members of the Indigenous people with height issues can avail the height waiver approved by the Fire Chief. Applicants who hold Professional Driver’s License with Restriction 2 and 3 are prioritized and TESDA Driving NCII holders as well.


image: RMN

Requirements in joining Bureau of Fire Protection

The application process to become a firefighter can be tough not to mention the documentary requirements that an applicant should prepare.

  • Application letter citing the item and position being applied for
  • Duly accomplished revised PDS and filled out details using black ballpen and not sign pen
  • Photocopy of authenticated college diploma or transcript of records
  • Photocopy of authenticated CSC certificate of eligibility or report of board rating issued by the PRC
  • Photocopy of PSA issued birth certificate
  • Photocopy of certificate of marriage issued by the PSA (for married applicant)
  • Certificates of training
  • NBI clearance

All the documents must be submitted to the Human Resource Management Division of any BFP regional Offices where you resides.

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A Fire Officer 1 will receive a salary of Php29, 668.00 equivalent to salary grade 10. You will also receive daily hazard pay, food and clothing allowances, and longevity pay. You can also have the opportunity for free seminars and advance training as well as security of tenure.

Tips to qualify for BFP FO1

Being a firefighter is not an easy job. That’s why applicants will go through a thorough training and must pass the Fire Officer examination. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Be a volunteer

The chance of being qualified is higher if you were once a volunteer firefighter. As a volunteer you’ll know how the fire department operates and the role of a firefighter.

  • Be ready

If you’re decided to become a member of the BFP you should be ready to tackle the challenging and tough job of a firefighter. Keep in mind that it takes commitment, determination, and dedication to serve and protect the people.

  • Be physically fit

To pass the tough training of a firefighter, you must be physically fit. The training involves carrying a high-pressure fire hose and a dummy heavier than you. An agility test is also involve that’s why you should undergo training on cardio exercises, sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups before applying in the BFP.

  • Prepare the requirements

As you are preparing yourself, you should start securing all the documentary requirements. Getting the requirements takes time that’s why you should give ample time for it.

Final thought

Being a member of the Bureau of Fire Protection is a dignified profession. You’ll be risking your life to save other people. Before making your decision you should think many times. In spite of the hardship of the training and recruitment process, all your efforts will be paid off once you pass all of it.

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