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Remember Anna Luna Lead Actress, Margarita Fuentes This Her Life Now After Showbiz

Margarita Fuentes played the role of Anna Luna in the 80s. She became a household name, especially with housewives and grandmothers. Her role was that of a young child who had to live with her estranged grandmother after a sea accident separated her from her mother.

Anna Luna was an outcast in her grandmother’s household. Her mother left her family and fell in love with her father, who was from a poor family. Because of that, her grandmother disinherited her mother.

But, who can say no to your blood? Her grandmother couldn’t. And that’s where the seven-year soap opera story started.

The afternoon drama aired in ABS-CBN from November 27, 1989, until 1994, then transferred to RPN after some controversies with Jose Marie Gonzales.

Margarita was a busy child actress for starring in the longest Philippine drama series. Yet, after starring in a few films, she stayed away from the limelight. And fans are sometimes curious where she is now.

She is now a single mother. Margarita chose to focus on her studies after some showbiz stints. She took up Tourism, graduated, and is living a much simpler life.

Many people are curious because she doesn’t have a Social Media account by her name. Though, a picture of her with her child surfaced some time ago.

Rumor is that the father didn’t want to take responsibility for his child. But, Margarita need not worry. Raising a child alone is challenging, but many single parents are already acing this game.

She can still provide a lovely home for her child even without a partner. Like in Anna Luna, she can show everyone that she always stands up even when she’s fighting the world. She can get some courage, humility, love, kindness, and perseverance from Anna Luna.

Remember, Anna Luna’s grandmother loved her in the end. After all, Anna Luna is her grandchild.

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