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Remember F4 Member Jerry Yan? Looks Nothing Has Changed

Taiwanese star Jerry Yan or Liao Yang Zhen is one of the lead characters in the hit TV  show, Meteor Garden. It’s safe to say that members of different generations liked the guy. Even older members of society became fans of his show with his fellow F4 members and Barbie Hsu.

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ABS-CBN Kapamilya Network aired their show. The network, seeing there’s a big opportunity in their popularity, brought the rights to part 2 of the Meteor Garden. They even brought the stars in the country. There were concerts and press-cons that avid fans went gaga over.

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Jerry Yan is already 42. Yet, he still looks as good as he is before. He still has a strong following. There were recent photos that fans couldn’t help but notice.

He was in a tux with a rugged twist. His hair is shorter now, proving he’s matured 18 years after the show’s airing.

image via jerryyan143 | ig

His looks still beat other younger generations. He still has charm, that’s the truth.

And for Meteor Garden fans, we could only hope they make a part 3 where all the stars are living their lives many years after. We all want to know if Dao Ming Si and San Chai have their forever and babies.

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Of course, we also want to know how the other three guys; Mei Zuo, Xi Men, and Hua Ze Lei. It’s a dream to see them together again since the four boys and San Chai aged like fine wine.

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For now, we can get contentment from some of their recent photos.

Surely, it will be a big hit if these stars decide to have a Meteor Garden TV Show reunion. Hey, F4 and San Chai, we’re all waiting!

image via jerryyan143 | ig

How about you, are you a Meteor Garden fan? Who was your favorite?

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