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Remember The Child Wonder Atong Redillas? This Is His Life After Leaving Showbiz.

Do you remember Atong Redillas? Where is he now? What’s his life after leaving the limelight? Showbiz is not a permanent job for other artists. While others leave the industry for good and chase other dreams, some are not just lucky to have projects and shows continuously. With that being mentioned, let’s talk about the child star back in the 80s and 90s, Atong Redillas.

There’s a lot of child stars before that we do not see on the screen today. Some of them decided to left the limelight and finish their studies while others chose different paths. One of those is Atong Redillas.

Atong is one of the famous child stars back in the 90s and many still remember him up to this day. There are 40 movies where Atong appeared from the 80s to 90s and Darna in 1991 is one of those. He played the role of a sidekick of the Nanette Medved, who played the role of Darna.

He is also part of the iconic sitcom “John en Marsha.” He played the role of the youngest child of late Dolphy and Nida Blanca. He was tandem with Aiza Seguerra and to Camille Prats during the grand finals of the “Little Miss Philippines.”

Despite the success he has in the industry, he still chose to take a different path. He continued his studies and graduated BA Arts Studies as cum laude at the University of the Philippines. He is now a professor at the University of the Philippines and Far Eastern University. Aside from his job profession as a teacher, he also supervised and direct theater play production.

In this life, what you love to do is tied up with what you are called to do. Nothing really matters aside from what gives you happiness and doing what you love to do. Life offers us blessings and opportunities and it is up to us what to choose.

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