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How to Renew Your Motorcycle Registration in LTO

After you have registered your brand new motorcycle, you should not forget that it should be renewed every year. It is essential to renew the registration of your motorcycle in the LTO annually; otherwise you’ll be penalized once caught driving your motor vehicle with expired registration.

When to renew the LTO registration

First time registration of a motorcycle is up to 3 years, but it should be renewed every year. The required time to renew the registration is determined on the plate number of the motorcycle.


The last digit of the plate number pertains to the month and the next to the last number pertains to the week of the month. If the plate number is ABC 123, this means that you should renew the LTO registration before March 1 to 7 of the year.

Basic requirements for renew motorcycle registration

As the deadline for renewal of your motorcycle registration is approaching, you should prepare the following documents to be submitted to the LTO District Office.

  • Official receipt of motorcycle registration
  • Certificate of registration
  • Certificate of emission compliance
  • Compulsory third-party liability insurance
  • TIN or taxpayer’s identification number

Procedure to renew motorcycle registration

  • Proceed to the LTO District Office where you want to renew the registration. Wear proper attire and bring the documents and the motorcycle.
  • Submit the documents at the Transaction Counter for assessment.
  • Actual inspection will be conducted to ensure that all its parts are functional.
  • Pay the registration renewal fee and other fees at the cashier and wait for the official receipt.
  • Proceed to the Releasing Counter and wait for the release of the certificate of registration.

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Make sure to bring along with you the official receipt (OR) and the certificate of registration (CR) all the time when driving your motorcycle.

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