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Richard Gomez Planted A Tree As A Symbol Of His Love For Lucy Torres

Love is like planting a tree. You have to take care of it, nourish it, so it would grow healthy and strong. As time passes, it grows solid, its veins crawl deep underneath, and someday it will bear delicious fruits. Even strong winds and heavy rains can’t destroy a solid and strong tree, just like a strong and happy relationship.

A good epitome of this kind of relationship is Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez and his wife, Leyte representative Lucy Torres-
Gomez. The couple has been happily married for a long time. In fact, they are soon to celebrate their 22 years of marriage.

To celebrate their 22nd anniversary, they both planted a tree in Ormoc, a symbol of their strong relationship and love for each other.
On his Instagram account, Richard posted:

“Today, we marked our 22nd anniversary by planting a beautiful Dita tree. It is an evergreen, just like my love for you @lucytgomez. Thank you for being my guiding light.”

Photo via Instagram / @richardgomezinstagram

Aside from the tree being a symbol of their strong love for each other, it is also one way to help our mother nature.

Lucy showed a throwback picture of their wedding held in 1998. She described their love story as a beautiful fairy tale. It all started in a shampoo commercial where Lucy was the leading lady of Mr. Gomez. Bet you can really remember that TV Ad if you are a batang 90’s.

“Thank you for 22, @richardgomezinstagram. You enter a room and you just bring the sunshine in. With you, everything is just better. Know that you are my love song, every bit of magic I ever believed in,” Lucy posted.

Photo via Instagram / @richardgomezinstagram

It is very inspiring to read love stories like this. This made us realize that true love does exist and there is really a “forever”.

Photo via Instagram / @richardgomezinstagram

Now Richard and Lucy are happily living in Ormoc City with their beautiful daughter Juliana Marie Beatriz T. Gomez. Both are public servants in Leyte. Lucy, now 45 years old, was elected as Leyte representative last 2010 and Richard Gomez, 54 years old, was elected Mayor of Ormoc City last 2016.

Watch the video below:


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I watch this clip from our wedding and always, it is a beautiful walk down that time in our love story. Thank you for 22, my @richardgomezinstagram. You enter a room and you just bring the sunshine in. With you, everything is just better. Know that you are my love song, every bit of that magic I ever believed in. Backstory of this video: Some years back I realized I had all these raw files from our wedding festivities, as covered by ABS-CBN back then. Around that time also I had just met Jason Magbanua whose work we featured in The Sweet Life, a show I was hosting then with Wilma Doesnt and Iza Calzado. I so loved his work, and on a whim asked if he could put something together in a fresh video that I could give Richard as an anniversary present. Thank you for this, Jason, this is precious.

A post shared by Lucy Torres Gomez (@lucytgomez) on Apr 28, 2020 at 2:23am PDT


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