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Robin Padilla Give Touching and Meaningful message to His Son Ali, Who’s Married at 18

Ang nag-iisang anak na lalake ni Robin Padilla ay ikinasal kamakailan lamang, Si Ali Padilla ay ang nag-iisang lalaking anak ni Robin Padilla kay Liezl Sicangco ang dati nitong asawa. Sa edad na 18-anyos ikinasal ang binata sa kanyang Australian girlfriend na si Hannah.

Ang nasabing seremonya ng kasal ay ginanap sa Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia. Hindi nakadalo sa nasabing okasyon ang ama ni Ali na si Robin Padilla at ila nitong kapatid ngunit nag-pahatid naman ang mga ito ng mga mensahe sa kanilang social media accounts kalakip ang larawan sa kasalan ng binata.

Nakakaantig na mensahe naman ang ipina-abot ng nitong si Robin para sa kanyang nag-iisang lalaking anak at ganun din naman ang mga kapatid na sina Kylie at Queenie. Heto ang mensahe nila para kay Ali.

“You know I already messaged you, but here goes my declaration to the world for you.

“To my one and only baby brother, it breaks my heart that I couldn’t be there for you on your big day!

“Sometimes the bitterness of the reality of life can get in the way. But I want you to know that I’ve always been with you in spirit.

“I’m proud of the gentleman that you’ve become and I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness. I love you and I miss you terribly.

“The very thought of not being able to give you a million hugs, not witnessing you transform from my little brother to a husband brings me to tears, and probably would have prayed for God to stop time to keep you from leaving my sight.

“But I am confident and I know in my heart that you’ll be a wonderful husband to Hannah.

“It is my greatest wish that she’ll be a wonderful wife to you in return, for you deserve the purest love.

“It’s difficult to let you go but I love you to the moon and back and I’ll always support your decisions. May God pour out his mercy and blessings upon you always.”

Eto naman ang makahulugang mensahe ng kanyang ama na si Robin;

photo via robin | ig

photo via robin | ig

photo via robin | ig

“God is Love that is why love is the most powerful of all more than any religion love was the reason why man was created and why man created religion to teach men to be grateful with the creator how to love and serve our fellowmen never to hate.

“Religion is with us for us to understand each other and be as one in glorifying the most high we are one family in the eyes of God never divided and the best of us are those who know how to love naturally the love that comes from the heart not of our conscience and knowledge.

“It is in our heart God lives it is where we connect to him it is also where we can find the one destined to us.

“Love is our relationship with God without love all that is connected to us will wither and fade.

“Im happy my son you have found your love that can bring you more closer to the one and only Creator.

“Fortunately you found your true love in such young age with this good fortune comes raging enthusiasm which you must temper with patience for nothing happens overnight in our youth.

Alam naman natin na simula ng maghiwalay ang dating mag-asawa si Ali ay lumaking kasama ang kanyang ina at naninirahan na sila Liezl at mga anak na sina Ali at Zhen sa Australia.

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