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Rufa Mae Quinto Shares Her Beautiful Life Together with Her Pretty Daughter

Who would’ve thought that Ruffa Mae Quinto, the bubbly-sexy-comedienne is now married, and, has a cute little daughter? Well, time flies fast and Rufa is more than willing to be a role model to Athena.

image via rufa mae | ig

The cute little lady is as confident and pretty as her mom. Rufa is keen on keeping her daughter by her side. The proof is her updated Instagram posts, consisting mostly of her cute daughter.

image via rufa mae | ig

She’s a hands-on mom, and their bonding moments include traveling and wearing ‘terno’ outfits. Trevor Magallanes, her husband, decided they maintain a long-distance marriage because he wants Athena to grow here in the Philippines. Trevor lives in San Francisco, US. He is working for the San Francisco Police Academy.

image via rufa mae | ig

image via rufa mae | ig

Rufa Mae understands this and doesn’t mind not seeing her husband all the time. She mentioned her support for her husband and wants him to pursue his dreams. He’s still a big part of his daughter’s life.

image via rufa mae | ig

At one side of the story, you’d think Rufa Mae would feel inadequate for not having a hands-on husband by her side. But the amazing mommy is doing what she does best, being a great mom to Athena!

Rufa Mae is so great at her job as a mom! She has enough time to watch Athena grow. Athena won’t feel left behind, ever!

image via rufa mae | ig

Her mom is making sure she lives a comfortable life. The little lady shows her appreciation by looking cute on Rufa Mae’s Instagram posts! This mommy-and-daughter team is a force to be reckoned with. They’re making fans happy and letting them peek into their lives.

This is the best for any fans’ standards! Rufa Mae didn’t lose her celebrity charm when she had a daughter. If anything else, her daughter added to her charm to the masses.

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