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Feel Relaxing in Ruru Madrid’s Vacation Home in Antipolo

Most of the time, when someone wants to purchase a house, Tagaytay is one of the locations that come to mind first because it has become a favorite when it comes to experiencing a cool breeze and giving that away from the city feel. But then, do you know that there’s a place just very near the metro where you can have that feeling too? Antipolo is a place that can also give you a break from the city life because there are lush scenery and many other spots that can make you feel you’ve escaped the tiring busy life.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why GMA-7 talent, Ruru Madrid, and his family chose to have their dream home built here. The Madrid residence is a vacation home in one of the villages in Cogeo, Antipolo City. Ruru’s father belongs in a big clan, having ten siblings, and when there are get-togethers, they always have to search for other venues just so everyone will fit. They now have the perfect venue for those get-togethers because this vacation house has eleven rooms so that there will be a room for each family. There’s a huge space, a pool, and a grilling area. The property is a perfect choice especially in considering this factor. There will be more than enough space for everyone.


The property is partly covered by the huge trees outside the property, adding more charm and airy feel to it. The house is dominated by the color yellow.

The trees around the house will give the owners and even the visitors will be refreshed and forget about the stress experienced in the city. Ruru’s father adds that the trees around the property are kind of special to him because they were the ones that planted them. There’s even a bit of Baguio feel in it because of some pine trees around it.


All the floors have open terraces and the rooms located on each floor have the same floor area. There are steel railings to keep it safe for the kids.

They wanted the house to be easily maintained so the Madrids used a lot of tiles which can be seen on the walls and stairs. The outdoor staircase has strip mosaic tiles with different colors which makes it appealing to look at. It is also easy to maintain and the type that would cause fewer accidents.

Living Area

One of the attention-catcher in the living area is the wooden console table that holds Ruru’s awards, family pictures, and other ornaments. Hanging on the wall is a poster of one of the movies of Ruru. The staircase that connects each floor to another is dark patterned tiles.


One bedroom highlights red shelves and white walls. Each bedroom is personalized according to the preference of each family that uses them during get-togethers.

Another bedroom is simpler than the other because it only has a wooden bed and a side table. One thing that you’ll notice on the bedrooms is that it’s very simple.

Outdoor Area / Terrace

The Madrid family loves grilled food so there’s a grill area outside. It’s covered with a green-colored patio umbrella and green tiles. The area is perfect for grilling.

The terrace on the 3rd floor will offer the owners and visitors a spectacular view of the forest hills of Antipolo, golf course, and the entire beauty of Antipolo. The family must love having their breakfast in this area especially during the cold months of the year and the mountains and trees will be covered with fog. It would also be a nice spot to read a book or just simply sit in to relax and enjoy the amazing view.

source: image credit to realliving

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