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Ryan Agoncillo and Juday doesn’t want their Kids to grow up in Luxury

Ryan Agoncillo and his wife Juday love to travel. There are times they bring their kids with them but there are instances that it would only be the two of them. In a recent interview of The Asian Parent to the celebrity couple during the Klook Travel Fest, they said that they are very careful in planning their trips. They consider many factors whenever they travel out of the country especially if they have the kids with them. According to the couple, they can be fuzzy when they are traveling.

Ryan said that they are careful in deciding where and when they bring the kids with them. Ryan explained that he and Juday only got to travel a lot because of work. During their younger days, they weren’t able to travel a lot. In the past traveling is an expensive luxury that you have to save up to visit a foreign country. This is why even if the couple wants their kids to see the different parts of the world, they are careful in giving that luxury to their kids.

credit to ryan agoncillo IG

They want their kids to experience traveling to expensive destinations through their earnings or from something that they have worked hard for. They don’t want them to grow up thinking that they can easily get what they want. He cited Amanpulo as an example saying that they love going there but haven’t brought the kids there yet because he and Juday were able to go there through their own hard-earned money and they would like the same for the kids. Amanpulo is a very expensive resort in Palawan, where a night’s stay alone will cost you Php50k.

credit to ryan agoncillo IG

When the family goes abroad, they teach their kids to be independent. They help their dad fix the bed and clean the house while their mom goes to the grocery. They don’t bring the yaya of the kids so they are really on their own; brushing their teeth, among others. The kids, according to their mom Juday, are not spoiled brats and they listen to what their parents tell them. The couple wants the kids to grow up responsible and learn the value of hard work.

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