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Ryan Agoncillo Shares when He Realized that Judy Ann Santos was The One

On his latest Instagram post, Ryan Agoncillo shared the picture of his favorite subject, his wife, Judy Ann Santos. Along with the picture was a message addressed to their only son, Lucho. The message is about their love story and when he realized that Judy Ann is the one for him. His story started at the time that he and Juday were just in the getting-to-know-you stage.

image credit to ryan agoncillo IG

He mentioned one incident when he fetched Juday during a shoot of one of her movies. He was just on his motorcycle and Juday gladly joined him even if it was raining that time. It was an adventure that not any woman would agree to do but Ryan said that Juday even enjoyed the ride. He also shared how his wife helped him then in his club by preparing drinks and serving the customers. Juday also helped in one of his photoshoots; she helped set-up the lights.

image credit to ryan agoncillo IG

But the time Ryan realized that he wants to spend his forever with Juday was when they went to his parents’ house. Juday was going through something that time and all she wanted was to be alone and relax. But she went with her and Juday, together with her cousin, stayed in Ryan’s childhood room. It was a very simple room and has no high-end pieces of furnitures. The aircon was a bit noisy and the CD player has to be tapped before it will play. On the second day of their vacation, he asked Juday over coffee if their simple life is fine with her and her reply was a simple smile. It was then that he realized that Juday is the one for him.

image credit to ryan agoncillo IG

They have just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last April and their marriage is just getting stronger. They have been blessed with three wonderful children; Yohan, Lucho, and Luna.

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