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Self-Love: The Things You Must Learn to be Happy in a Relationship According to Angelica Panganiban

Are you in a happy relationship or do you feel something is lacking? Happiness in a relationship is important to keep it strong. Angelica Panganiban answers the toughest questions in the “Unbreakable” exclusive. This segment is an interview episode in preparation for her movie with Bea Alonzo. When asked about her love advice to fans, Angelica said that it’s important to love thyself first. She insisted you cannot be happy when you don’t learn to love yourself because you can’t love another person when you don’t feel the same way about yourself.

photo via angelica | ig

The actress was in three relationships before. Her first boyfriend is Carlo Aquino followed by Derek Ramsey and John Lloyd Cruz. Recently, she had a movie with ex Carlo Aquino and fans speculated they were back together. But, Carlo stated that he is in a relationship with another girl earning the ire of many fans. Long story short, the two didn’t get back together. Angelica who is searching for her forever love is very honest about her heartbreaks. She got hurt from John Lloyd, Derek, and Carlo for the second time.

photo via angelica | ig

But she is a brave woman. She said that your happiness won’t come from others but within you. She also said on the Ask Angelica portion for the Unbreakable promotion that you are responsible for your happiness. According to the actress, two happy people in a relationship make it successful.

photo via angelica | ig

You should indeed truly be happy first before giving yourself to anyone. Otherwise, you will constantly need to prove yourself which becomes draining. But most of all, choose the person who loves you even in your darkness. There are times when you also just need someone to be there even when you are not in your best attitude. Pray for that person because a person who accepts you for who you are will always be there for you.


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