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She Dubbed as Most Beautiful Woman and Most Expensive Model

Racism has always been a part of society. No matter how people try to make a move to fight it, there are still people who base their impressions on someone depending on their race or color. People with dark skin were always looked down and considered ugly. Nowadays though, more people are standing up to fight racism. There are people now who believe that black can be beautiful. People now realize that black women are perceptive, tough, and ingenious. There have been black women who have made a name in their chosen field despite the perception of their color.

Anok Yai

Anok Yai is a girl from Southern Sudan. She recently went viral after being ranked as the most expensive model and most beautiful woman on earth. The woman possesses a unique kind of beauty despite her being black. Looking closely at her, you will be able to see the beauty on her face.

Anok, being the most expensive model, charges $15,000 for an hour of fashion photography. Different companies have been vying for her attention and they try to save up for them to get her services. Seeing her face on an endorsement will be enough to make people trust the company or product she is endorsing.

She went viral on the social media account of her photographer and soon after, a New York top modeling agency signed her up. She is at present the spokesperson of a top brand of cosmetics, Estee Lauder. True enough, this lady had proven that beauty doesn’t depend on one’s color. People who discriminate against other people based on their color should realize that no matter what color or race someone belongs to, it wouldn’t make them less of a person. By doing so, they will be able to appreciate the value and beauty of people with dark skin.

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