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Remember Her, Sheryn Regis Shares Her Life after Star in a Million

Who could forget that voice? Sheryn Regis’ voice catapulted her singing career, even when she wasn’t the grand champion of a Star in a Million.

According to fans, she has the voice of an angel – so divine that she became a household name for years alongside pop royalty Sarah Geronimo and competitor, Eric Santos. Here in the Philippines, many call her ‘Biritera,’ which is what they name for singers who can belt out high notes.

sheryn regis | ig

She would’ve been a hot commodity until now except that she disappeared from the limelight. Well, Sheryn now lives in the US. The singer visited the country last year in October to perform for her fans for a couple of shows. Did she come back for real?

sheryn regis | ig

She did, but only for a while because she missed the Philippines and her fans. The singer noted that she was happy to see old friends in and out of showbiz. Her shows were also to let her fans know that she misses them and that she’s still their favorite star.

sheryn regis | ig

When asked why she left showbiz, Sheryn said she migrated to Houston, Texas, in 2010 with her family. The singer also underwent surgery, which scared her thinking she might not be able to sing the way she used to again. She was also scared for her family.

sheryn regis | ig

Sheryn has a child with her husband, and having Big C was a scary thought for her. Thank goodness, she survived the surgery with her voice intact.

On a different note,  the singer is grateful for her child. She mentioned being stronger because of her family. Happiness prevails, after all.

And for Sheryn, being in the US doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her fans. The Philippines is her home. She will continue to wow fans, even if she ain’t in the limelight anymore.

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