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Siblings Showcased Their Talents in Drums to Help Their Father Who is a PWD

The video of two young girls who are siblings became viral on the Internet. It was posted by a concerned netizen Joy C. Matos who took the video as he passed by these young girls performing in the street. This may seem not new at all because many talented individuals were performing in public cases to show their talents and skills.

The siblings have made an incredible show together with their father who is a PWD. The young girls are playing the drums while the father is the vocalist and guitarist. They have played songs such as “Estudyante Blues”, “Bikining Itim”, and “Pusong Bato”.

Their performance had attracted the attention of the by-passers, thus the audience started to gather around. The owner of the video was amazed by the beautiful voice of the father in spite of his disability. Likewise, the young girls who played the drums one after the other are so talented even at their young age.

According to the siblings, they were doing street performance not only to ask for donations but also to show their talents. They want to help their father who doesn’t have the capability to look for employment due to the condition. That’s why they decided to perform in the streets. The least way they can do to help their father and to make both ends meet.

After uploading the video on social media, it earned about 4 million views and 100,000 shares. If they could only have the chance to join talent shows so that they can show their talent in a much better way. This may serve as an inspiration to use the God-given talent in the best way possible.

Keep it up, talented young girls!

See the actual video here:

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