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SM Cinemas Lifts Ban on Foods Bought Outside

Good news to the moviegoing public who love to eat inside cinemas. The SM Cinema chains have lifted the ban on bringing foods inside that were bought outside. This will probably lessen the negative reactions that the netizens have been throwing against SM Cinemas. There was even a Facebook post from John Winkle Wong that went viral. He said that he will be boycotting SM and will instead be watching movies at the Ayala Malls Cinema.

For John Winkle Wong, the ban on outside food in SM Cinemas is a sign of stupidity and outright greediness. He had actually witnessed so many paying customers that were stopped from entering the cinema if they have outside food. They would be asked to either eat their foods outside in a just or surrender it. There was an elderly woman who wasn’t permitted to enter the cinema because she had bottled water that was not bought from the concession counter. Some asked for a refund when they weren’t allowed to enter but they were just given movie vouchers. He wondered in dismay why they would do such a move to prevent paying customers from bringing what their choice of food was.

His post on Facebook gained more than 105K reactions and 60K shares. Around thirty-four thousand netizens posted a comment on his post. But in spite of the numerous angry reactions from netizens, there were also some that defended SM Cinema, saying that people are just really hard-headed. They said that many moviegoers have no discipline at all and would just leave their trash on the floor. Filipinos just find it hard to follow rules.

After lifting the ban though, these foods are still not allowed inside the cinema;

  • Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages that are in can, bottle, and glass
  • Foods on stick
  • Rice and Pasta Meals
  • Food items that have sauces like soy sauce, vinegar, and fish sauce

The moviegoers are encouraged to bring snack time foods and beverages instead.

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