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Smart Kid Cried for His Sentiment and Schooled His Alcoholic Father

Drinking occasionally is fine but drinking too much can ruin not only one’s self but also relationships between families and friends. A father’s too much alcoholic adventures has prompted his kid in a series of crying and tantrums. The little boy who became so angry with his dad for apparently drinking a lot said while his face was full of tears that he doesn’t care anymore about his father. He was so upset with his dad for neglecting him and engaging in drinking sessions than spending time with him.


The woman in the background who seemed to urge the boy to give in to his tantrums more repeatedly asks the boy if his father can still go with him to bed which the boy answered with a no. The woman further ignited the irritation in the boy by asking where his father should sleep; if it’s inside the house or outside and the boy angrily said that his dad can sleep outside. Because the woman who might be the boy’s mom continuously encourage the boy to cry and be angry with his dad, the little boy gave in and is now feeling some hatred for his dad for drinking too much.


Having kids means taking time to be with them, educate them and be there for them but when a parent can’t do that and the people around a little kid will see to it that they brainwash a kid, the kid will surely hate their parent. It’s important as a parent to be a role model for your kid even when things are not going so well in your life. It’s also important for the people around your kid to not more salt to the wound. Even if there’s an irresponsible parent, everything can be talked about when everyone is sober and willing to compromise.

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