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Smart Mouse Plays Dead in Front of Cat to Escape It

The story of the cat and mouse goes like this; cat sees mouse then chases the mouse inside the house and they go round and round but in the end the cat catches the mouse and kills it. Sounds true but in reality some mice are smarter than cats and the uploaded video shows that they really know what they’re doing.

The first mouse hilariously played dead whenever the cat tries to touch it. It doesn’t move or make any sound but when the cat goes away for a while, it looks at the cat’s way and tests the surroundings if the cat will come back before it stands up and makes it escape.

The other parts of the video showed a different approach of mice when they were the ones running after and scaring the cats. They must have thought that cats always have the fun so why not turn everything around and it’s them chasing the cats for a change.

Some of the cats in the video may have gotten so scared that they simply hurried back to where they came from. One mouse was really brave enough to climb the cat’s body to which the cat reacted quite nervously. The cat tried to shake the mouse off but it won’t let go of the cat’s fur that’s why the cat ran so fast because it got scared.

Mice may be smaller than cats and people wouldn’t have thought that they also know some strategies to avoid being eaten. But, these days they’re proving that they’re outsmarting cats and even scaring them. This video is proof that mice have great personalities too and can even be smarter than other animals at time. What’s more, they’re also God’s creations who deserve some praise for being quick and witty.

See the video here:

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