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Social Worker who Topped the Board Exam Recalls the Ordeal of Reviewing during the Marawi Siege

The nation was shocked when the news about the Marawi siege broke out. It happened in 2017 and many lives have been affected and the residents suddenly found themselves lost during the incident. Many lost a loved one, their houses, and livelihood. The residents had to leave the place and find a safer place elsewhere. Students had to stop going to school. It was like a third world war broke in their area. It was a terrible nightmare that the residents would rather take off their minds.


One of the most affected during the siege was the students of MSU (Mindanao State University) – Marawi City. Despite the chaos, it didn’t stop this fresh graduate from emerging as the top board passer for the social worker’s board exam in 2017. She revealed that when the siege started, she and her classmates and friends thought that it will be the end of their dreams. She was just starting with her review for the board exam when the chaos hit their area.


During a segment in Eat Bulaga entitled, “Bawal Judgmental, Paramisuli “Suli” Aming, board topnotcher, shared their experiences during the height of the fight between soldiers and rebels in Marawi. Suli said that as she was reviewing one night, they were startled by the tremor and sound of the firearms as forces from different groups started their war. They stayed in the dormitory the whole night and waited to leave Marawi in the morning. Despite the horror of the bombings, she made this her inspiration to ensure that she will pass the board exam. Suli made sure that she spent long hours to study for the exam. After knowing the result of the exam, Suli and her friends didn’t celebrate anymore but went straight on helping the Marawi victims. There were two others from MSU who was in the top 10 board passers.

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