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Take DFA Priority Lanes Using the Solo Parent ID (RA 8972)

Many people don’t know the privilege given to solo parents. Gone were the days when single or solo parents were criticized by the society. Today, they have the rights and privileges given by the government.

Do you know that a valid Solo Parent ID can be used when applying for a passport? The holder can access the priority lanes and there’s no need to set an appointment online. All you have to do is to visit any DFA branch and bring all the requirements and your Solo Parent ID.


Who can avail the Solo Parent ID?

  1. A parent who solely providing the responsibility of parenthood caused by the following circumstances:
  • Death of spouse
  • Spouse is detained in jail
  • The spouse is mentally or physically incapacitated as certified by a medical practitioner
  • De facto separated or legally separated for at least a year and was entrusted the custody of the children
  1. If the mother is a victim of rape, yet keeps and raises the child
  2. Unmarried father or mother who keeps and rears the child
  3. Any member of the family who takes the responsibility as head of the family due to abandonment, death, or disappearance of the parents
  4. Any person who provides parental care and supports the child alone

Solo Parent ID Requirements

  • Barangay certificate and valid ID issued by the government
  • Proof of financial status such as the Income Tax Return
  • Proof of being a solo parent
  • Birth certificate of the children
  • Duly accomplished application form for the Solo Parent ID

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Submit all the requirements to the nearest DSWD office in your area. The DSWD representative will evaluate and assess the documents. The Solo Parent ID will be issued within 30 days. Once you have the ID you can use it to access privileges offered by the government. The ID should be renewed annually.

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