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Spending More Screen Time Can Lead to Screen Dependency Disorder

The technology nowadays has both positive and negative impacts. Most people young and adult alike have different mobile devices such as cellphones and the likes. Many kids spend most of their time using mobile devices.

Parents must be aware that letting their kids use mobile devices for a long time is not good for health.  You can allow your children to use mobile devices but make sure to limit the screen time. According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids two to five years old should spend the maximum of one hour a day using mobile devices. Children below 18 months should not be allowed to use any gadgets.

Screen Dependency Disorder 1

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Studies revealed that longer screen time either on mobile phones, tablet, laptop or computer, or television is indeed detrimental to a child’s health. It may cause sleeping and speaking problems. Likewise, the kid would become inferior to mingle with other people. The worse thing is that it is not healthy for the development of the brain.

Recent research show using gadgets most of the time can lead to Screen Dependency Disorder. This kind of disorder is the result of “addiction” that is also related to Internet Addiction Disorder. Another child specialist explained that children 3 to 4 years old are vulnerable to acquiring SDD.

You should be vigilant if you notice your child too much focused on the screen even when eating. Or, if your kids are fond of using the gadget immediately upon waking up. These are the common signs of Screen Dependency Disorder.

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A child who has SDD may complain about the difficulty in falling asleep, eye problem, back pain, and headache. It may also affect the emotional aspect and may develop anxiety, dishonesty, guilt, and sadness. Most of the time children with SDD prefer to be alone and show some mood swings.

Parents must be aware that Screen Dependency Disorder can cause abnormalities on both the white and gray matter of the brain. This means that longer screen time can cause brain damage. Screen addiction negatively affects the impulse control of the brain and may compromise decision making.

As parents, we should explain to our kids the risks of spending or using gadgets for a long time. Otherwise, we will all suffer the consequences if we will not educate them about using gadgets and screen time.


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