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SSS Maternity Notification Through Text Here’s How

Emmanuel F. Dooc, the President and Chief Executive of SSS had announced that a new facility was made available to self-employed and voluntary paying members. Read below on how to get SSS maternity notifications via text.

The Text-SSS facility can be utilized by female members to submit maternity notifications to SSS. This is one way of enhancing the service of SSS and to provide convenience to their members.


Through this facility, pregnant SSS members need not go personally to SSS office to submit maternity notification. All they have to do is to access the Text-SSS facility and submit the notice. But, you should register first and follow this:

                SSS REG <SS Number> <Date of birth in MM/DD/YY format> and send to 2600

Once the registration is successful, you will receive your PIN that you will use to access the facility. Follow the format in sending your maternity notification;

SSS MATERNITYNOTIF <SS Number> <PIN> <Expected Delivery Date MM/DD/YYYY> <Total Number of Pregnancies (including this pregnancy)>  and send to 2600

Pregnant SSS members can also send maternity notifications online through the My.SSS portal. The proof of pregnancy can be submitted after giving birth or upon applying the maternity benefit reimbursement to the SSS office.

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The Text-SSS facility and the online portal is the accessible and convenient way to transact their maternity claims without the hassle of queuing in long lines. On the other hand, employed members are not qualified to use Text-SSS facility, but rather the employer will be the one to submit the maternity notification to SSS.

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