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How to Apply for Social Security System SSS Number Online

The Internet has been providing convenience in almost every transaction. It allows buying anything and paying bills conveniently even at the comfort of your home.

Good news for those who want to apply for (Social Security System) SSS membership because they can apply for SSS number even without going personally to the SSS branch. However, before you continue the online application for your SSS number, make sure that you have an existing email address where the agency can send the confirmation link and other emails regarding your application.

Steps for SSS Number Online Application

  1. Visit the online SSS application portal and click the “No SS Number Yet?”. SSS-Number-Online-Application
  2. At the Applicant record verification page you’ll be required to input your personal details. Make sure that all the information is correct before hitting the “submit” button.
  3. Check your email for the link sent so that you can continue your application. The link will expire five days after that’s why you should complete the process soon.
  4. Additional information will be required in the Encode Basic Information page including the gender, address, mother’s maiden name, and the purpose of application.
  5. On the succeeding page, you will provide information about your nationality, religion, and marital status.
  6. The next page is the beneficiary section wherein you will encode the information pertaining to your beneficiary.
  7. Before clicking the Generate SS Number button you will be allowed to review your entry for any correction.
  8. Once your registration is successful, your SS number will appear in the screen. To get your number you need to print your SS Number Slip. That’s why you should not forget to print the slip.

Remember that the SSS Number issued online is only temporary and can only be used for the following:

  • Payment for monthly contribution
  • For employment

To convert the membership status, the member should submit the required supporting documents. If you will submit the supporting documents, make sure you have with you the SS Number Slip along with the required primary and secondary documents.

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