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How SSS PESO Fund Help You During Retirement

It is said that it is better to invest as early as possible for the retirement. This is a smart decision that will make an individual financially prepared when time comes that he or she retires from work.


There are many investment options available and the SSS PESO Fund is one of those. It was in September 2014 when the government launched the SSS Personal Equity and the SSS PESO Fund.

Why consider SSS PESO Fund?

This program of the Social Security System or SSS is a voluntary provident fund exclusively designed for SSS members along with other regular SSS programs. The members will have the opportunity to save more aside from their contributions and eventually receive additional benefits when they retire.

SSS members can deposit their excess earnings through the PESO Fund that promises guaranteed earnings as well as tax-free earnings and benefits. The contributions will surely earn because they are placed in guaranteed investments.

Who are qualified to join the SSS PESO Fund?

All SSS members either employed, self-employed, OFW, and voluntary paying can join the program provided they have met the following conditions:

  • Not more than 55 years old
  • Have paid at least 6 consecutive months in the regular SSS program before joining in the SSS PESO Fund
  • Have not availed any final claim in the regular SSS program

Upon the first payment to the PESO Fund, you automatically become a member. The contribution can be made anytime that the member has excess funds aside from the contribution to the regular SSS program.  The maximum amount of contribution per year is Php100, 000.

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The member can also claim the benefits from PESO Fund upon filing of total disability, retirement, or death claim from the regular SSS program. The benefits can be given to the member either through monthly pension or lump sum. The beneficiaries can receive the lump sum of the death benefits upon the death of the member.

See also the video of SSS peso fund credited to Philippine Social Security System:

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