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Streamer try to Entertain the Scammer

With the Enhanced Community Quarantine and lockdown in some areas, people are using the time to train online, to catch up on a new Netflix show or movie or to play a new game.

A lot of people, especially teenagers and young adults, are into portable gaming devices like the new Nintendo Switch. However, due to the overwhelming demands for it, not to mention that all malls and couriers have suspended their activities, many sellers are selling them for a more expensive price range. Plus, it can be challenging to find someone who can sell it and deliver it at the earliest time, that’s why people are turning to online sellers to provide them their needs.

One thing to keep in mind when buying online: There can be a lot of phishing and scamming involved.

This is what a netizen, Nicole Alipalo, experienced when she was trying to purchase a Nintendo Switch Limited Animal Crossing Edition.

Apparently, Nicole already noticed that it’s a scam due to the very low price that the seller placed. For only P9,000, the item will really quickly attract the attention of buyers.

But like what they said, it’s too good to be true.

So what Nicole did is that she asked for the seller’s name and identification photo.

During the conversation, the seller promised Nicole that he will deliver what she wants. He also said that he’s a God-fearing seller and that the buyer should trust him since he will not tarnish his name for a few pesos.

Luckily, Nicole is wise. She immediately searched the name in the identification photo and messaged the person.

When confronted if he saw the message on Facebook, the seller refused to answer her via the social media platform and insisted that they continue the transaction via Viber.

Sounds fishy, right?

But here’s the catch: The real person behind the identification card responded to Nicole’s messages and said that somebody’s been using his identity since last year to scam people!

Check out the full conversation here.

Here’s a lesson to all of us: When buying something online, especially high priced items like gadgets and devices, make sure to buy from legitimate sellers only. If you can’t, might as well wait for the ECQ to be over and just meet up with the seller for your own peace of mind.

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