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Student makes Money by making Remarkable Artwork out of Used Boxes

The ingenuity of this young man made him earn money out of boxes that have been discarded. The saying that there is money in trash proved to be true for Sebastian Cacho. In his artistic mind, he found a way to earn extra cash and another way to re-use old boxes. His creative mind has not only turned his love for art into a business but he has also been contributing to reducing waste through recycling old boxes.

Image by Sebastian Cacho

He had started his work of art at the early age of thirteen. He creates insects such as centipede and praying mantis, and robots by using old cardboard boxes and cartons. His works were very intricately done. In an Umagang Kay Ganda interview, Sebastian said that he was really into collecting robots and so he decided to make them on his own by using old boxes. One cardboard robot takes around four hours for him to build. He further stressed out that he gets inspiration for his work on the images he sees on comics, movies, and TV.

Image by Sebastian Cacho

He had been posting his work on his Facebook account and his followers have been sending him praises and admiration. They were impressed with his creations. One of his customers online has even thanked him and said that his dedication on his work will give him a good future especially if he will be using them wisely. Sebastian encouraged everyone to recycle at any chance they could thus save the environment. The young man simply loves what he’s doing and he doesn’t just keep his time idle during his free time. He makes his cardboard art every time he gets a chance to do it. He also said that it’s a good hobby instead of wasting time on computer games. Sebastian Cacho will probably go a long way if he keeps this admirable attitude.

source: Sebastian Cacho | facebook

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