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Study says Grandparents Who Babysit to their Grandchildren live Longer

You’re a lucky kid if you have experienced being taken care of by your grandparents. Grandparents take good care of their grandchildren and spoil them most of the time. But don’t get it wrong; they may spoil the kids but the “lolos” and “lolas” also shower them with words of wisdom that they can go by as they reach adulthood. After all, grandparents have gone through many things in life and as such, their knowledge that they can impart with the grandkids is truly valuable.

But do you know that the grandchildren are not the only ones that will benefit if they are taken care of by their grandparents? It will give good benefits to the grandparents as well. A done in UK; The Berlin Ageing Study showed that grandparents who take care of their grandchildren will have a 37% lower risk of mortality as compared to those who don’t babysit. The study looked into the lives of more than five hundred pensioners consisting of 70-year-old and above men and women. The study revealed that grandparents who were able to babysit their grandchildren lived at least seven years longer than grandparents who just lived on their own.

This is also not just about taking care of the children of their kids but also of the kids of their friends or neighbors. It turned out that taking care of children makes an elderly person healthier. The study also showed that those who took care of the children of other people also had the same 37% reduction in mortality.

The UK’s National Health Service had published that the participants who provide care for their grandchildren had a lesser risk of dying during the follow-up study. The same effect proves true to those participants who also help adult children in their social network. The study revealed that there is a great connection between helping and health.

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