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Sugar Mercado remains Single because of the Trauma from her first Relationship

When a relationship goes wrong, it may bring too many painful thoughts to the aggrieved partner especially if there was physical abuse. This results in a trauma that somehow prevents the victim to be in a relationship again. They are afraid that they may suffer the same fate again. Do you remember Sugar Mercado? She was a former host of Wowowin. Those who have been watching her during her hosting stint in Wowowin were surprised to know that she had remained single to date.

This is because she had a terrible experience during her marriage with former husband Kristofer Jay Go. The relationship gave her trauma and thus prevented her from getting into a relationship again. During an exclusive interview in “PUSH”, the 32-year-old host admitted that their marriage had been annulled for several years already but she hasn’t mastered enough courage to try getting involved with another man again. It can be recalled that the former host had filed a case against her then-husband, Kristofer, because of the abuse she had experienced during the time that they were still together.

The case didn’t push through because she agreed to settle it amicably. Sugar said that she isn’t in a hurry to plunge into a new relationship but she’s not closing her doors though. She just wants to concentrate on taking care of her kids as of the moment. She wants to give her full attention to them while they’re in their growing-up years.

When asked about her relationship with Kristofer, she said that they’re on speaking terms and although they had a bad relationship, time is slowly healing the wounds. She added that though she had gone through a bad experience with her ex-husband, she might still fall in love someday provided that whoever the man will be, he will be willing to accept and love her kids.

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