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Sweet Romantic Gesture of Prince Harry to Wife Meghan Goes Viral

Who says that a royalty like Prince Harry should always be formal even when it comes to his wife? The Prince obviously doesn’t believe so. He never fails to show his love and affection to wife Meghan Markle even in front of the prying eyes of the public, especially the press. Prince Harry’s third in line to the throne but he always sees to it that he’s always a devoted and affectionate husband to his wife.

His wife Meghan Markle has been considered a bit controversial and had been the target of the prying eyes of the public. Despite this, many netizens had expressed their support for the prince and his beautiful wife after seeing the video wherein Harry was seen fixing the hair of Meghan. It’s common knowledge that people around the Prince didn’t seem happy when he announced that he will be marrying an American actress who was a divorcee and had some not so self-effacing shows, and videos.

Many people in Britain had even said that Meghan is a bad influence on Harry. But, no matter what other people had been saying regarding his wife, he stood by his love for her and went on marrying her and proving to the world especially the people of Britain that he truly loves Meghan. Many people were enraged whenever they see that Prince Harry is just so in love with his wife.

They have been saying that the prince should have gotten married to any of his ex-girlfriends because they are more suited to be the wife of a prince. Prince Harry had recently announced that He, together with his wife and son, Archie would be moving to Canada.

They had also quit being “senior members” of the royal family. As expected, all blames were pointed at Meghan although those who had followed the late Princess Diana’s life; would know that the Prince only wants to protect his wife and son, and live a normal life. He also wishes to shield his family from experiencing the rather heartbreaking history that claimed the life of his beloved mother.


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