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Take a Look at Amira Alawi, Pretty Sister of Actress YouTuber Ivana

Who could be prettier than Ivana? That would be her sister Amira.

A little background on Ivana – This sexy starlet is a Youtube sensation. She’s got almost 6M followers on that channel. One of the most viewed videos of Ivana is the ones with her younger sister, Mona Louise Rey.

They like recording the pranks they play on each other. But more than that, viewers love the bond the sisters have.

We’ve seen Ivana on “Ang Probinsyano” and “Mea Culpa” on ABS-CBN channel 2. She was also a contestant on Starstruck on GMA-7 before moving to the “Kapamilya” network.

The petite Fil-Moroccan beauty is well-known for having a contagious smile and curvaceous body. Her showbiz career is also promising because she’s a talented actress aside from her good looks.

Men fantasize about her, but it ‘s her jolly personality and humble attitude that puts her dear to her friends’ hearts.

At the backstage of Ivana’s career is her sister Amira. She is also gorgeous and sexy. Yet she lives a more private life.

Amira is Ivana’s number one fan. Proofs are her comments on Ivana’s posts. Fans would sometimes get a glimpse of Amira when Ivana posts pictures of them.

She wants to maintain her privacy but would let her two sisters include her in their videos. She’s such a supportive sister!

Well, there’s always room for another Alawi. Amira has what it takes to be a vlogger too. But the decision is up to her.

Whatever it is, for sure,  fans of Ivana would respect that. After all, not everyone wants to be in the limelight.

Amira has what they call natural beauty. You can see her Pinay features blending well with her Moroccan blood. Her parents must be proud.

Even with her dad already gone, he would still be proud wherever he is. Thanks to good genes, the Alawi siblings are gifted with looks fit for stars.

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