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Take a Look at the Dream House of Vice Ganda in Quezon City

Whoever is feeling down just needs to see Vice Ganda perform and everything will be alright. Vice Ganda or Jose Marie Borja Viceral in real life is a top performer, box-office hit maker, singer and a fashion icon. He is always seen with his socialite friends but his status didn’t change him from being affectionate to his fans. Who would believe that this popular comedian used to roam Tondo just to sell water? He also witness his father got murdered in 1991 a week after his 15th birthday. You could just imagine how such a tragedy can take a toll on someone’s emotions. When his father died, he and his mother helped each other in supporting the family.

Vice has a big personality. He is loud and he says what he thinks and his fans love him for that. He’s also a natural in entertaining people. Fashion-wise, Vice is an adventurer. Not having a simple taste, he likes to don outrageous outfits and colourful wigs but he says that at home he is a simple person.

His wittiness and hard work has paid off because he just had his house built in Quezon City. His three-storey house which took eight months to build was his surprise for his mom. The property is huge measuring 360 square meters. He hired Avelle Francisco to design his house which has a theme modern Zen as per his request.

Houses with modern Zen design are usually almost bare or present minimalist design to give a sense of peace and this is what Vice got for a house. His house has a minimalist appeal where only the essentials are displayed and the palette comes in a monochromatic color. His house has a relaxing and tidy look which must be how he likes when he comes home from work.

His Living Area

The living area uses muted colors in black, gray and white. It features a Contemporaneo sectional sofa that’s matched with a coffee table made from glass and an area rug. The only bit of color you’ll see in the living room is the designer’s gift to Vice which is a painting from Artasia Gallery.

Dining Area

The Zen feel of the house continues to the dining area where only a buffet table, a TV and a dining set can be found plus some knick knacks as well as a chandelier that resembles tiny fireflies. Some of the items found in the kitchen were bought by his mother from the US.

The Kitchen

His kitchen has a unique L-shape layout. It has a granite countertop that compliments the white cabinets and drawers. The appliances are in stainless steel or black. The shape of the kitchen plus the appliances and cabinets allows its users comfort and ease.


His bathroom has a big mirror as insisted by his designer since he needs to wear makeup before he leaves home. His bathroom is also laden with Kohler furniture and other fixtures.

Ate Vice Bedroom

His Bedroom is still in black and white but splashes of red have been put to liven up the area. The padded headboard is made by curtain maker Totoy Santiago and paired with a modern platform bed. There are soft furnishings and a seating piece but the focal point is the lampshade which is like a studio umbrella, a representation of his place in the showbiz world.


The veranda of the house has a tempered-glass railing that extends up to the waist and a four-seater dining table with native chair. There’s also an egg-shaped chair from Our Home which is said to be Vice Ganda’s favorite.

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