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Teacher Prajak Is a Very Good Teacher to His Students but Their Parents Are Worried Because He Brings His Mother with Alzheimer to School

What we become in life is always dependent on how our parents treated us when we were kids. If a parent is the loving, kind-hearted and supportive person in your life, you’re lucky but even if parents are strict or have weaknesses we should always respect and love them when they grow older. This is what a Thailand video symbolized when they aired an inspirational yet tear-jerking video of a teacher who brings his mother everyday to school.


Teacher Prajak is a very good teacher to his students but their parents are worried because he brings his mother with Alzheimer to school and they fear that the kids aren’t learning anything because of the situation. One day, the head teacher called Teacher Prajak’s attention. He said that the parents don’t want his mother around during the teaching sessions because she is distracting them.


Teacher Prajak became sad and said that he can’t leave his mother at home with only a caretaker. He explained her condition and clarified that it’s his responsibility to take care of her. While they were talking, his mother got lost so Teacher Prajak searched for her everywhere but he didn’t find her but what shocked the parents were the reactions of the kids.


When the kids found out she went missing, they also began to search for her then the video jumped to a scene of one kid in a car with his mother. The kid said he’s going to drive his mother around when she gets older then they made a sudden stop because they saw granny.


The kid shouted and asked what she was doing there. After a few moments Teacher Prajak found her and when the head teacher asked the parents again about Teacher Prajak, none of them are complaining anymore if he brings his mother with him.

Watch the touching video here: | Source: Facebook

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