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Teacher Rewards Her Students with Money for Having a High Grades

Teachers become second parents to students while they’re in school. Being able to get along well with her students while making them strive for higher grades and learn a lot in the process makes a good teacher. The modern world we live in today suggests that students depend on too many viral video and a lot of time in Social Media but that’s not the way to earn good grades and prepare for the future. While not graduating doesn’t mean that a student won’t get a great job, finishing with high grades can be a way to get more opportunities because the student’s knowledge is endless.


So when a video was uploaded on Social Media where a teacher was shown rewarding her students with money for their high grades, everybody was feeling positive. The teacher encouraged her students to study harder and get high scores so after the test she can give them some money as reward.


The students became eager to learn because there’s a reward which they can add to their allowance and the thought gave them a sense of excitement. The more she gives reward the more they study harder. Others though were quick to judge saying that it’s not the right approach to get your students study their lessons but despite some negative reactions, the students indeed got high grades.


This method may or may not be a good idea but it’s not going to harm anyone and it looks like it’s working on the kid. It shows them that hard work reaps rewards so when they grow older they know not only how to earn good money but also how to budget and invest that money to make more money in the future.

What the teacher with beautiful heart

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