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Teaching Job is More Stressful than Other Jobs According to Research

It’s a common knowledge that being a teacher gives a lot of stress and it’s now a proven fact according to researchers. According to the National Foundation for Educational Research in the UK, 1 in 5 teachers gets more stressed out with their job as compared to 1 in 10 other workers. This research is true not only in the UK but even here in the Philippines. In the Philippines, teachers get a salary for eight hours of work per day but their job doesn’t end after class hours.

They have to continuously study the latest trends that can be used in teaching their students. Instead of resting at home and spending time with the family, they are doing lesson plans for the next school day instead. Another factor that adds up to their stress is the uneven proportion of students to teachers.

Especially in public schools, the number of students a teacher has to handle is more than enough for her capacity. Aside from the lessons that they have to teach their students, teachers are also responsible for instilling right values to their students. It has always been said that the school is the child’s second home and teachers are the second parents.

Teaching-Job-is-More-Stressful-than-Other-Jobs-According-to-Research 1

Sometimes, the kids even spend more time in school than in their homes so a teacher’s role is really very significant. There are also times when a teacher also acts as a child’s friend/counselor when problems arise in their lives and they can’t tell their parents or guardians.

Teachers have a great contribution to the success of their students but sadly, this seemed to be neglected and unappreciated. As their students do well in life after graduating, the teachers’ financial status remains the same. This is why according to the research done, the working conditions of teachers should improve so they would be able to give a better quality of education.


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