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Team Kramer Shares Blessing to Their Beloved Yaya Joy, Builds Her Dream Home

Everyone knows who Team Kramer is. They’re a family of five including Doug, Cheska, Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin. Doug is their famous basketball player father while Cheska is a popular teen idol in showbiz. They’re a powerhouse couple with three beautiful children. The family is also famous in many Social Media platforms like Youtube. They have several successful endorsements and living the dream. They also have a huge house somewhere in Laguna. They opened their doors for a TV show before and many fans were delighted to see how beautiful their house looks like.

But at the sidelines is their Yaya Joy, whom the kids love so much. She is their loving yaya who has a dilapidated house in the province. She takes care of the kids but she also has a kid and a mother who lives in that house. For that, she only hopes she can build the two a lovely abode. The husband-and-wife team mentioned that Yaya Joy became a part of their household four years ago. They said that the woman was already saving up for their house in the province since she started working for them.

Yet, she was unable to renovate their house. So, this Christmas gift from them and Netflix Philippines is in time for the holiday festivities. Yaya Joy’s kid and mother now have a comfortable home to live in. Team Kramer built this house as a part of their collaboration with Netflix. They are also fulfilling more wishers for several loved ones.

The day of the reveal showed Yaya Joy overwhelmed for seeing their new house. She saw her mother showed the Team Kramer group how dilapidated the house was. And now, the house looks amazing. It’s also durable so Yaya Joy is very content and has peace of mind that her mother and kid are safe in the province.


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