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Teen Rushed to the Hospital because of Addiction to Mobile Legends

Children and adult alike can get hooked to mobile and online games. This isn’t wrong if it’s only played in moderation or if it’s just for passing time. But it will be a different story if one will get addicted to the games available online especially if it can be easily accessed on mobile phones. This will mean too much exposure to the radiation that gadgets emit aside from neglecting the health.

image credit to Joel Villota | Facebook

On his Facebook post, Joel Villota shared what happened to a teenage boy who got hooked on playing the online game, Mobile Legends on his smartphone. According to Joel, the teen would spend sleepless nights just so he could play the game. He didn’t mention his relationship with the boy but he gave a piece of meaningful advice on his post.

image credit to Joel Villota | Facebook

He said that when he arrives home at dawn, the boy is still wide awake holding his phone. He has already lost a lot of weight because of spending sleepless nights. He further advised him that he should listen and do what is right because when situations like the hospitalization come, he’s the one who suffers in helping with the finances.

image credit to Joel Villota | Facebook

The teen is a taekwondo player but because of too much lack of sleep, he often gets weak during competitions according to his coach. His habit of sleeping so late or not sleeping at all affects his performance during competitions. In school, it’s either he is always late or would usually fall asleep during classes. According to Joel, aside from addiction to the game, the teen has also been spending a lot of time with friends. It’s not bad to play online games if it’s just for fun and enjoyment but if it becomes an addiction, that’s when the trouble starts. As the saying goes’ everything that goes beyond moderation can be dangerous.

image credit to Joel Villota | Facebook


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