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Never Do These 12 Parenting Mistakes As It Can Harm Your Children’s Lives

It’s not easy being a parent. Some parents tend to shower their kids with too much pampering to compensate for lost time while some just love their children too much that spoiling them is the only way to go.


Here are some of the things parents do that have negative effects of their children.

1. Focusing too Much on Your Kid

Spoiling him too much and always giving him what he wants may turn him into someone who thinks he can get away with everything or get what he wants so easily but that’s not how life is and we know that there are more failures than success in life that’s why you need to prepare him to be a strong person.

2. Not Letting Your Kid Make His Own Decisions

Whether the decision-making is about which to take in college or to a simple thing like which flavor of ice cream, the final answer still needs to be coming from him as long as you are aware of his actions and he isn’t getting into trouble.

3. Giving Too Much Praises

Give proper praising when the situation calls for it but if your child lacks the ability in something then what you must do is to encourage and motivate because they must also be aware of their capabilities and limitations.

4. Constantly Blaming Your Child

Don’t always think that your child is doing something bad just because he’s a little late or don’t get mad when he fails at something. Don’t redirect your frustrations at him but understand that a growing child needs proper attention, understanding and affection.

5. Not Giving Enough Attention to Your Child

A child will mostly do everything to get your attention because to him that’s the most important thing of all so parents who couldn’t even give their children some quality time must do some evaluation of their own attitudes so that they can be better parents. Aside from that parents need to appreciate their children more especially with school work or other important milestones in their lives, parents must constantly tell their kids that they did well.

6. Letting Your Child Lose respect in You

Always remember that you’re the parent no matter how much you adore your child. It’s important that your child knows his boundaries and not abuse them. He should know what a good behavior is and what is acceptable and not.

7. Humiliating Your Child in the Presence of Others

Many parents aren’t aware that they’re hurting their child when they do this and this also leaves a bad impact on the psyche of a young child. Most kids look up to their parents and they just want to feel loved and respected the same way they respect their parents.

8. Not Letting Your Child Face the Outcomes of their Decisions

You may want to constantly protect your child from what can hurt them but their life decisions and its consequences must only be met by them. You can guide them and teach them how or inspire them but always let them choose, decide and grow from the results of their decisions.

9. Comparing Your Child to their Siblings or to Other Kids

Never compare your child to others. His path is his own and whatever achievements and track records other kids have doesn’t have anything to do with him. You can inspire him and motivate him but it is a sin to compare because this lowers the self-esteem of your kid.

10. Think if Your Reasons are Justifiable before You Scold Your Child

In the heat of the moment, parents can say things that they wouldn’t say when they are thinking clearly but this can bring a negative effect on a child. First you must talk to your child if he did something wrong. Know the reasons why he did it then take action but don’t come-up with punishments that are too hard.

11. Inability to Impart Emotional Management to your Child

A lot of kids these days seem like they’ve forgotten to handle their emotions well especially when there’s stress which always happen as he grows older. Teaching ways to handle emotions can help your child be better in life.

12. Showing a Rocky Relationship between Spouses

No child wants his parents to be mad with each other so to become better examples, you must try to make your relationship with your spouse meaningful and full of trusts and give and take for each other. This shows your child that you’re working together as a couple and you plan to keep the family stronger.


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