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The Moment When a Russian Girl Attempts to Ride a Horse but Failed-Horse Did Something and Everyone’s Eyes Went Wide-Open

The relationship between a girl and her horse is a deep bond and unbreakable. This is what happened when a Russian Girl was trying a different approach in riding her horse. She wanted to ride it without a saddle and wearing only regular clothes. She tried many times but she was unsuccessful. Each time she tried harder but the result were the same and it was disappointing. So the horse did something surprising that even the girl was stunned. The horse lowered itself to the ground so she can ride it so the girl was taken aback because of the horse’s kind gesture.


The horse must have thought that the girl is having a difficult time trying to climb it so it patiently ducked down to help the girl. Horse-back riding is a sport for horse-lovers and adventure seekers because sometimes the horse can go angry and will do all sort of things to have you flying up in the air and away from its body that’s why having a good bond with the horse you ride is so important.


Much like owning a dog, horse-back riding is also like having pet. You must work together if you want to do some stunts and your horse must be comfortable with you to let you do stunts with it. Horseback riding is also not the safest sport since you’ll be more prone to back injuries and other bone injuries resulting from getting thrown from the horse but if you and your horse are already working together for a long time then this can be avoided. Like what the video showed, the Russian girl didn’t stop trying to ride her horse and the outcome is something that surprised her.

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