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These Simple Math Tricks Can Teach You How to Solve the Hardest Math Problems

Many people fail in Math subjects at school because they find it too hard to understand but these simple math tricks can teach you how to solve the hardest math problems. If you look closely at the video, just a few tricks and good memorization skills will already teach you how to quickly answer common math problems that may be bogging you for years. If you’re like many who find it hard to look for math answers, these techniques which you haven’t seen before may just do the trick.


Watch the uploaded video closely but first you need some colored markers so you can easily follow and do the math solutions being shown. One math solving equation trick is multiplying 19 to numbers 1 to 10. You need to write 19X1, 19X2 and so on then put odd numbers 1 to 19 in the corresponding blank spaces then from the top right part, answer number 9 going down to 8 then 7 and so on after you reach the bottom which is 19X10= 190. As you watch the video, you will learn that it’s not hard after all.


Another trick is getting the percent of a certain number like what is 15% of 80? It will be hard to compute that if you don’t have a calculator with you but if you have pen and paper just right 15% of 80= then at the lower part, put 10% of 80 which is 8 and 5% of 80 which is 4. Add the two together then you have 12. That is the 15% of 80. Solving some math equations can be scary but if you know how it is done then you have the chance to be a math wizard. Try these easy math tricks now!

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