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This Advertisement of Future Smartphone – Netizens are in Awe

This video showing an advertisement of the future smartphone leaves netizens in awe. It was something some might be looking forward to and for some; it might be a bit threatening. This showed how the brains of advertisers are working real hard and moving towards something no one can ever imagine.

The video showed a woman anxiously waiting outside the operating room being comforted by what seemed to be her relatives or friends. After maybe a few hours of waiting, the surgeon finally went out to announce something she had been hoping or dreading to hear. Unfortunately for this lady, the doctor informed her that inspite of doing everything they could, the husband passed away. But there was some good news though according to the doctor. Since technology is now very much advanced, they were able to digitize the consciousness of the husband’s brain and it was all taken out.

A nurse approached them at this point; carrying a smartphone neatly placed in a small tray. The husband’s alive in that phone according to the doctor; leaving the woman surprised. Next scene showed the woman walking in a bridge holding the phone and talking to her husband, unmindful of the passerby who suddenly bumped into her which caused the phone to fall into the river. The woman cried her heart out but was surprised to see that phone was still okay and she can still talk to her husband. A few accidents happened again while she was still in the bridge but like the first one, the phone still worked.

This kind of advertisement is really one of its kind and you can say that the brains behind this were really thinking far ahead to the future. It may seem impossible but who knows? With the advancement of technology and the imaginative brains of the next generation, this may become possible. What can you say about this?

Source: Facebook

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